Nambour RSL Club takes a CALM approach

Queensland Police, council and community partners from Beerwah to Yandina came together at Nambour RSL Club this week to take a proactive approach against armed robbery.


Over 40 owners, managers and staff from licensed venues across the Nambour and Hinterland region joined forces for the Collaborative Approach to Liquor Management’s (CALM) quarterly meeting.


Robbery offences on the Sunshine Coast spiked in 2016 with an alarming 25,537 offences, the worst year on record in over a decade.


In response CALM is focusing its attention towards both preventative measures and how to handle an armed robbery with minimal risk.


Volunteers in Policing’s Peter Tsakissiris went through with those in attendance vital processes and practical strategies should the unthinkable ever happen to them.


Nambour RSL Club’s assistant general manager Laurie Williams said “we need to take a proactive approach against armed robbery to ensure the safety of our staff and patrons at all times”.


“Training and upskilling staff is core”.


“The Club takes a proactive approach to training on all fronts, we’ve actually just completed fire safety training with the Nambour Fire Brigade. Staff also undergo refresher courses multiple times every year through our online portal, external sessions and on a one-on-one basis.


Nambour RSL Club has partnered with CALM for several years and Mr Williams said that in light of the recent spate of attacks it was “great to see so many venues and areas represented here”.