Your Club Rewards

At Nambour RSL Club we recognise and reward our loyal members with the Your Club rewards program. Just like frequent flyers, Your Club Rewards allows you to accumulate points by using your member card.

The more you use your card the more we reward you!

When you join Nambour RSL Club you will start as a Green tier member, as you use your card you will accumulate rewards points to spend in Club, and you will also earn ratings that will determine your rewards tier. There are six tiers in the program. Each tier receives different rewards and bonuses.

Tier Levels

All tiers in our program boast special benefits. At Nambour RSL Club we have the following tiers:


How to use your Points

Purchase meals
Purchase beverages
Play a gaming machine
Purchase bingo
Purchase event tickets
Pay your membership
Access privileges

How to get more Benefits

Keep using your card and your ratings and rewards points will keep growing. As soon as you reach the required level for a particular tier, you will be instantly promoted to that tier. We have a 3 month qualifying period where ratings accrue. At the end of each 3 monthly cycle you will retain the tier that you have achieved for the next 3 months. You must keep using your card to accrue points and retain your tier.

What are the rewards?

For all of the information about Your Club Rewards, please see our friendly staff. Full terms and conditions are available at reception. We will advise you of bonuses, cash offers and other promotions via email and/or SMS. If you have not registered these details with us you will not receive a notification.