Think right – Drink Rite!

HAVE you ever had a couple of drinks and wondered if you are ok to get behind the wheel?

Nambour residents are urged to get the facts on standard drinks, breath alcohol concentrations and responsible drinking when the Nambour RSL Club hosts a Drink Rite event on Friday, March 21.

The information session involves a standard drinks presentation and participants who consume alcohol and have the opportunity to be breath tested. Nambour RSL Club general manager Suzanne Long said the club was pleased to host the event.

“This is a vital education program that all residents should consider attending, whether it is to refresh your own skills or to educate your teenage children,’’ Ms Long said.

QPS spokesperson said the Drink Rite program helped people learn about the alcohol content of different drinks and what constitutes a standard drink and the effect on drinkers.

“People have been keen to find out how many standard drinks they are actually pouring when they make themselves a drink and are generally surprised at the different at the difference in readings for drinkers who are consuming alcohol of varying strengths,’’ she said.

“Many factors determine the effect alcohol will have on a person at any given time, but the Drink Rite program shows participants how quickly standard drinks can increase their alcohol concentrations.’’

Ms Long encouraged residents to visit the club for the event.

“As part of our club’s commitment to responsible service and the care of our patrons, we are proud to have a responsible service of alcohol policy in place. Our staff are also all trained in the responsible service of alcohol,’’ she said.

“It’s important that all patrons are aware and respectful of responsible drinking habits.’’ The Drink Rite information session will be held in Zinc Bar from 4-pm on Friday, March 21.