Club Policy

Privacy Policy

The RSL Services and Citizens Club Nambour Inc, is committed to safeguarding the privacy of the personal information you have supplied. The club will use the personal information to process your membership application and to provide facilities and services to you. The club will be unable to offer you membership or access to facilities and services if you do not supply the required personal information. The club may also use your personal information for related purposes or for direct marketing communications with you. You may access, update and amend your personal information at any time by making a written request to the club. If you have a privacy complaint, the club has implemented procedures to resolve it in an effective manner. All the above (and other matters relating to your personal information) are governed by our Privacy Policy which is available upon request or can be downloaded from our website Please read and understand the full Privacy Policy as it forms the complete terms and conditions on how the club will handle your personal information. Should you require any clarification, please contact the Club General Manager on 07 5441 2366 or email

Nambour RSL Club Privacy Policy


Management and staff of the Nambour RSL Club have been trained in the Responsible Service of Alcohol and are aware of their responsibilities towards the club’s patrons. The Nambour RSL Club has adopted formal procedures to ensure that minors and unduly intoxicated patrons are not served alcoholic beverages. As part of the club’s commitment to responsible service and the care of our patrons, a range of low and non-alcoholic beverages is available for those driving. A courtesy coach is available for the convenience of members and visitors.

If you require support, visit or or phone Alcoholics Anonymous on 07 5476 2166.


For most people, gambling is entertainment—an enjoyable activity without harmful effects. For some, however, it’s not just a game—it’s a serious problem that continues well after the fun has gone. While only a small segment of the community is affected by this addiction, the Nambour RSL Club recognises that gambling can become a problem and is committed to assisting any of its members or guests who believe they have a gambling problem. Patrons showing signs of undue intoxication are not permitted to play the gaming machines. Your club is committed to ethical and responsible practices that recognise the importance of our members’ and patrons’ wellbeing with a focus on minimising the potential harm of gambling.

If you would like support, visit or phone Gamblers Anonymous on 1800 002 210 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.